Investment Preview with Fred Tam Penang 2015

Sometime, some organiser will arrange some preview to tell the world, how to make real money in Forex, Futures like FKLI and Dow Jones futures.



A lot of people came but only few interested. reason being is no more money to attend any course because already broke, a lot of debts and at the cliff of commit suicide.

Gentlement, get yourself ready in forex all the time so you no need to fear recession, jobless and no income. Get prepare when you have RM15,000 to attend advance forex course.

What job no need to look for customer and the market always there? only FOREX.

Haha, Wait for durian drop? ok loh, continue to give excuse to yourself until RIP. Come one, face the real world, cruel world and dog bite dog world everywhere.

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“Lowest pip spread in Forex World”

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