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Forex Trading in Sri Lanka start in 2010, with a lot of online broker setup. Sri Lanka is a very new emerging market with 95% of trader lose money. However the generation “Y” is the key growth sector in forex market because they need to take Forex Trading as life career as well as cost of living in Sri Lanka is picking up.

From our observation, a lot of trader try to sell course which are not matured and well tested skills and lot of trader lost money especially the young who just to try their “luck”. A lot of “Guru” in Sri Lanka is self proclaim as expert and the tactics used was outdated and a lot of try an error in Sri Lanka right now..

A lot of Generation “Y” and housewife participate in Forex Trading and Gold Spot Trading but they really need a good teacher to guide them along, step by step.

We are strong in education and looking for a Joint Venture business partner in Sri Lanka so we can carry out the Proper education programs and work with them in Forex Business and grow it on every corner in South Asia Continent.

You can start with us as Investor, Trader, Introducing Broker (IB) and Money Manager (MM) or Education Coach.

Contact us if you try to find a strong, sincere and workable partner in Sri Lanka.





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2 thoughts on “Forex Trading Online Course Sri Lanka

  • December 28, 2015 at 5:43 am

    hi there
    i am a srilankan citizen living in uk.would like to join with you.i understand in srilanka there is no propper education system for forex trading thus i can join with you take things further please contact me on this email or 00447800902441.
    you can call me as THEESAN. if you find my name harder to pronounce.
    NOTE. i am returning back to srilanka very soon.

    • January 3, 2016 at 5:23 pm

      we already contacted in whatsapp. we continue there. Andeerson Wong +60133194134.


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