Forex Strategies

Forex Strategy is the method of trade in difference type of market situation.

Types of market situation are:

  1. Swing Market
  2. Sideway Market (Range-bounce Market)
  3. Trending Market
  4. Directionless Market
  5. Flat Market

Type of Strategies:

  1. Scalping Strategy
  2. Position Strategy
  3. Cut loss Strategy
  4. Inter-lock Strategy
  5. Full Hedge Strategy
  6. Semi Hedge Strategy
  7. Cross Border Strategy
  8. Volatility Strategy
  9. Break-out Strategy
  10. Support and Resistance Strategy
  11. Volume Trading Strategy
  12. Split Order Strategy
  13. Multiple Entry Strategy
  14. Dollar Cost Average Down Strategy
  15. Leveraging Positive Position Strategy
  16. Gapping Strategy

A lot of Trader used the wrong strategy in wrong situation and result lost a lot of money. However it is always late in identified the market situation, once it appear to you the full picture, the market situation already change to new situation.

All the above strategies will be teach in advance course. Refer to Forex Trading Course Malaysia page.




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