Forex Mentorship Program

Forex Mentorship Program is extremely good for beginner as well as senior trader who like to seek the most advance trading method, these includes all the Senior Forex Trader who working in Top 5 Merchant Banks like JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse bank and etc.

We have 2 programs :

Basic Class with 1 Year Mentorship Program and

Advance Class with 2 Years Mentorship Program.

Basic Class is for Beginner who like to learn Basic and Fundamental Knowledge and it can lead them to trade position trade and start to make money on 3rd days.

Advance Class if tailor make for Senior Trader, Housewife, Retiree who like to make money from Forex in full time. Their skill is much better than Top 5 merchant bank traders and can retire at home with comfortable monthly income of USD3,000 to USD10,000 a month depending on the capital.


Personal Mentoring


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Andeerson Wong

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Master IB in Asia.

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