Basic 3 months Mentorship Course

Basic 3 months Mentorship Course

Why so many traders failed after attend seminar and classes? Because the learning curve of forex is long and it is not easy to handle Forex volatile market.

The Basic 3 months Mentorship Program is designed to help a lot of new traders and guide them step by step to learn the core fundamental understanding of the forex market and put them in strong knowledge ground so that they will not lose money easily.

Course Content:

1 : Forex Outlook & how to profit from it (Whichever Direction).

2 : No need for any indicator anymore and make a return of 40% a year.

3 : Price Movement Analysis (PMA).

4 : Market Maker Psychology (How Market Maker makes your money),  Position Trade compulsory subject.

5 : Control of Trading Fear & Greed (with charting support).

Objective : 1. Best entry (lowest risk) & exit price.
                       2. Identify Market Trap.
                        3. Cost of Sales.


1. Stop Blood bleeding in Stock Market and Forex Market. Customer will have a clear mind and firm decision to either CUT LOSS, AVERAGE DOWN or HEDGING without having deep cut loss (pain), which is the best option and how to apply with firm and full confidence.

2. Truly Control your Finacial Goal and Profit Target. (U in charge of your portfolio return rather than “Fund Manager” who is salaried base). You can out-perform some Fund Manager year by year.

3. Very knowledgeable on Stock Market and Forex Market & you can be a true Day Trader / Position Trader.

4. Understand the principle of Market Movement & how to profit from it.




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