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Forex Fund Manager is a highly skill professional and a lot of them claimed they are but i have more than 50 so call fund managers who lost money in forex and some of them they have no skills at all but trade with gut feeling and luck.

All my fund manager is highly skills and prove to be a consistent trader with good risk management and work smart individual. Most of them is come from my advance class student either in Malaysia or oversea.

How to Become Money Manager / Fund Manager?

• Can manage Funds with consistent

• Return 5%-10% a month.

• Have good skill in Account Salvation

• Proven Live Accounts for 3 months.

• 30% capital cap on losses

• Emotional Stable in handling losses.

• Proper / Mechanical Cut-loss and approach.


Benefits of Money Manager?

• From 25% of Profit Sharing

• Can manage foreign Funds

• Travel with team in international Expansion

• Can work as Team-IB as well

• Can become Forex Teacher in our Team.

• Can built your Team-IB business together.

Master IB & member can bring in customer to MM.



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“Lowest pip spread in Forex World”

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