Forex Brokers

You can choose broker base on few criterias as below:

1. No requote

2. No slipage

3. No Book A and Book B (Book B mean they take your order and no re-route to Liquidity provider)

4. Choose True ECN or STP broker

5. Spread EURUSD should below 1 pip for scalper, 2 pips for positioner.

6. Guarantee price for 3 seconds like “Freeze Rate”

7. Guarantee Stop Loss price

8. Personalise Account Manager that you can whatsapp to him / her directly and their response within 1 hour

9. Broker that run FREE seminar every quarter and provide High end education seminar with reasonable fees

10. Broker that have own training center and always put heavy effort for high end education.

11. Broker that allow you to withdraw to bank directly

You can check if the broker is truly genuine and is registered with and exchange authority like FCA, ASIC, CYSEC and many more.


FXTM sign-up Link Sign up link

Leverage : 1 : max (400 or 800 or 1,000)

You also can do get information about review page for all those licence broker in review page.


However, blog and forum is very bad for checking because each blog have their own objective and a lot of them blacklist and blackmail their competitor direct or indirectly because forex business is very competitive and each try to offer lowest spread, 100% up-time and fastest customer service with human touch.


Sad to say that, a lot of BIG name is very very bad in customer service and your email will only reply after 7 days.


The only broker I introduce to you is and our team will service you from Malaysia with skype calling, Facebook, Mobile Whatsapp and Wechat and online chat. Our market is ASIA country from China to Middle East.



  1. Reliable & cash rich.
  2. Lowest spread, as low as 0.7 pips
  3. Close to 100% up-time
  4. 30 minutes reply time, if left message and the customer service will call you anywhere in this world within 30 minutes.
  5. 100 customer service personnel on stand-by 24 hours
  6. Committed 100% withdrawal within 3-5 working days
  7. Personal touch of customer service.
  8. Proper licence and strong marketing support
  9. Participate in international exhibition every year like China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, UK and South America.
  10. Can build your forex business together from Trader, Introducing Broker, Money Manager and Institution Broker and Institution Trade.


Sign-up page for Trader

Sign-up page for Introducing Broker

Contact me to become Money Manager


FXTM Booth
FXTM Booth
fxtm booths
fxtm booths
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FXTm Tower
FXTM-Bloomberg TV Malaysia
FXTM-Bloomberg TV Malaysia


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“Lowest pip spread in Forex World”

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