Price Movement Analysis Course

I’m the only one in this world who teach Price Movement Analysis, because to understand Market Maker movement and intention is totally not easy.

Price Movement Analysis (PMA) is a study of price movement that measure how the Market Maker (MM) move the price from High to low and low to high.

The movement also will tell the psychology how the Market Maker move the price to trigger your stop lost, scare you, create fear effect by using strong algorithm, create high swing. Sometime it creates calm movement to make you greed and feel save but in fact, he can move aggressively in next move that no one is expecting.

A lot of people think PMA is similar to Price Action.  In fact, it is total difference kind of knowledge all together.

To know the real effect and how this skill effect  your trading gain, kindly attend our Seminar and course and hope to see you retire at home.




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