Advance 6 months Mentorship Course

Why so many trader failed after attend seminar and classes? Because the learning curve of forex is long and it is not easy to handle Forex volatile market. They need hand-on teaching and long backup period. We provide One to One coaching.

Advance 2 years Mentorship Program (AMP) is design to help and to teach senior trader, housewife and retiree the best skills in industry. So that they can retire at home and make comfortable income every month.

Scalping is most important and least risk and this skill is the skill needed for fund manager / trader to continue success. Scalping only available in advance course.

Kindly google “forex scalping course malaysia” and you can see me at page 1 on google search result.

The program originally only offer to Fund Manager but because of public demand, we can a little bit of content so that public can learn this program more easily and terms use is more friendly.

Course contents:

1.  Chart Drawing

2. Secret Formula 1

3. Market Maker Psychology (MMP)

4. Price Movement Analysis (PMA)

5. Setup

6.  Trap

7. Live Turning Point – calculation and live movement

8.  Trading Simulation

9.  Risk Management

10. Live Trading + PMA + MMP

11.   Secret Formula 2

12.  Advance Indicators

13.  Scalping Techniques




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